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Travel by Bus and Car

Visiting Ethiopia is a life changing experience. A variety of events are available for traveler to experience the culture and diversity held within the country. Tourist destinations can be visited within the area by a variety of means. 

In Ethiopia there are a variety of bus companies that cover all major towns. Bus companies offer seating on a first come, first service basis, with the exception of one. The Government busing service allows tourists to book seats ahead of time. Also, long destination route services allow for prior seat booking.

Private buses are available which leave at different times of the day. Each bus company provides transportation to various destinations. Traveling by bus occurs during the day time hours, ensuring the safety of the occupants. 

Minibuses provide services for shorter distance travel, usually within the bigger cities. Some will offer short distance travel between towns. Prices for minibus services are generally negotiable.

If you decide to travel by car, you will need to hire a driver, and rent a designated vehicle. Car travel allows the individual, or family, to view the country at your leisure. You will be able to soak in beautiful scenery. 

Four-wheel drive vehicles are popular for self-hire, generally within the capital of Ethiopia. It is also possible to hire a chauffeured four-wheel drive which has benefits. Although it can be more costly, there are fewer limits on where the vehicle can go within the area.

Travel by Train

Traveling Ethiopia by train is a unique experience which allows travelers to see the country side and the desert to experience beautiful landscaping. La-Gare is the main train station in Addis Ababa, also known as Chemin de Fer Djibouto-Ethiopien. One railway offers travel between Addis Ababa, Dire Dawa, and Djibouti City. 

Travel departures occur every few days and the travel time varies approximately 15-18 hours. The train runs on different days and during different times of the year. Usually operation is available three times during the weeks: on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sunday at 3 p.m. Tickets are available to purchase two hours ahead of departure time. First class, second class, and third class seats are available.

Many people use the train service when they are offered, and therefore it is very busy. Border points are train stops during the railway travel. Passengers are allowed to get off the train and get food along with drinks. 

Currently the railway operates on meter-gauge tracks. Restoration of the railway is underway. If booking by rail, it is recommended to confirm travel times before departure to the train station, due to possible schedule changes