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The 10 Ethiopian Heritage Sites which are inscribed by UNESCO:

1 -Axum Obelisk 

2-The Rock Hewn Churches of Lalibela,

3-The Siemen Mountains National Park

4 -The Castles of Gondar

5 -Paleontological Sites of the Lower Omo Valley         Tangible Ethiopian heritage site

 6-Middle Awash Valley

 7-The Pre Historical Site of Tiya,

 8-The Walled City of Harrar (Jogole)

9-The Konso Land Scape and 

10-Meskel (The Finding of True Cross) Celebration- is the only intangible Ethiopian heritage site 


The 5 Tentative List of Ethiopian Heritage Sites by UNESCO: 

Bale Mountains National Park



Dirre Sheik Hussein Religious, Cultural and Historical Site



Gedeo Mixed Cultural and Natural Landscape



Holqa Sof Omar: Natural and Cultural Heritage (Sof Omar: Caves of Mystery)



Melka Kunture and Bachilt Archaeological Site




 Ethiopian Sanctuaries:

1-Babile Elephant Sanctuary- Oromia Region

2- Swyeens Heartbest Sanctuary- Oromia Region

3 -Jello-Muktar Mountain Nyala Sanctuary- Oromia Region     Ethiopian Sanctuaries

4 -Yabello Sanctuary- Oromia Region


Ethiopian National Parks:

1- Abijatta-Shalla Lakes National Park- Oromia Region 

2- Alatish Nationa Park- Amhara Region

3- Awash National Park- Oromia and Afar Region

4- Bale Mountains National Park- Oromia Region 

5- Chebera- Churchura National Park- S/N/N/P Region

6- Gambella National Park- Gambella Region

7- Geraille National Park- Somalia Region 

8- Kefta Sheraro National Park- Tigry Region National Parks

9- Mago National Park- S/N/N/P Region 

10- Maze National Park- S/N/N/P Region

11- Netchisar National Park-S/N/N/P Region 

12- Omo National Park- S/N/N/P Region

13- Siemen Mountains National Park-Amhara Region

14- Yangudi-Rassa National Park- Afar Region

15- Yabello National Park- Oromiya Region


The main reasons why you need to visit Ethiopia;

- Ethiopia is the oldest nation in Africa next to Egypt.

- Ethiopia is the cradle of mankind where our ancestors came from.

- Ethiopia is the only African state which has its own written language.

- Ethiopia is a country which resisted colonialism and became the only independent state in Africa. 

- Ethiopia is the place birth of coffee.

- Ethiopia is the 1st and oldest Christian churches in Africa.

- Ethiopia is an ideal place for rest and relaxation in the sun. 

- Ethiopia offers complete experience of traveling in terms of culture, nature and adventure in all one vacation.

- Ethiopia has historical sites to all three of the world’s major religions namely Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

- Ethiopia is a place of ten world’s heritage sites which are recorded by UNESCO. Because of this,  it  is the first African country.     

- Ethiopia is a home of endemic plants, mammals, birds, fishes, reptiles and amphibians.

- Ethiopia is diversified in historical, nature based and culture based attraction sites.