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Traveling to Ethiopia is a delightful experience. Visitors may have questions prior to departure. Below are listed some of the most common questions and answers:

1. What items should I take along with me on my travel to Ethiopia?

Tourists should pack the basic items of need for any traveling experience. We have included on site a basic list of items that you will need to pack for traveling.


2. How much baggage can I take on my flight to Ethiopia?

Airlines have different standards. Ethiopian Airlines allows you a free baggage allowance and a hand baggage option. When booking your ticket, the Airlines will give you further information based on your flight arrangements.


3. What happens to excess baggage when travelling to Ethiopia?

If a passenger exceeds the free baggage allowance, additional fees may be involved. The excess baggage will also need to be registered before the flight.


4. How do I transport my laptop, or other valuable items?

If you are transporting a laptop, or other valuable items, it is recommended to carry them in your hand baggage. Hand baggage goes with you onto the aircraft. If the need arises to place valuables in your luggage to be checked in for storage, it is highly recommended to declare their value.


5. Are there any special rules about carrying medication on board your flight?

The main rule of thumb with carrying on medications on board is to take only reasonable amounts of medication with you.


6. Is it easy to find a suitable accommodation in Ethiopia?

Accommodations are easy to find in Ethiopia. There are a variety of affordable places to stay throughout Ethiopia. If you desire a more luxury accommodation, there are a variety of places to stay in Addis Ababa for an increased price. 


7. What types of out-door activities are available in Ethiopia?

A wide range of activities are available including bird watching, rock climbing and fishing. Trekking is also a popular option for tourists. There is also a chance to go white water rafting and kayaking.