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Night Life in Ethiopia

Night life in Ethiopia is a unique experience for visitors. Cities such as Addis Ababa, Lalibela, and Gonder offer Ethiopian views of the country at night, and are worth visiting to gain local experience. 


Addis Ababa Night Life

The nightlife in Addis Ababa is very interesting, and there are many great clubs and bars to go around Meskel Square, especially in the weekends. Some local clubs are suitable for tourists, such as those on Bole Road, also known as Africa Road. Many clubs present traditional dances and concerts. 


Other popular night life attractions include Memo Club, Silver Bullet Bar, Concord, Dome Club, Illusion, My Bar, Temptation, Indigo, Utopia, Devine, the Cave and Karamara. Usually these destinations do not require a specific dress code. Some places are disreputable red light places, so it's best to ask a taxi driver first. A taxi costs between 30-50 birr within the Bole road to the centre of the city.


Christmas Light Bar is another place of interest for tourists. These are tiny shops found along Meskel Flower Road and Debre Zeit Road. For example, the Done Nightclub - a club that is attached to the Concorde Hotel – is where Bands play while traditional dance occurs. If you are interested in visiting other establishments, it is best to ask local people such as taxi drivers for more information.


Lalibela Night Life

Popular night life is available in several locations in Lalibela, including the Tej House, Yeabfra Bar, and sundown at the 7 Olives Hotel.  The Tej House is located approximately 200 meters from the church entrance. It offers tourists the ability to sample honey wine, which is native to Ethiopia. It comes in three strengths to try. Music is evident, as well as singing in the evenings. 

Yeabfra Bar is another popular tourist destination. It is located near the Tej House, and offers tourists the opportunity to participate in coffee ceremonies. Coffee ceremonies are a wonderful experience to see, and a very memorable event. They also serve alcohol in the evenings.

If you have the opportunity to stay at the 7 Olives Hotel, you will be able to experience the breath taking view at sundown. The hotel is located at the top of the town hill at the highest edge. It is known as the best place in town to see the twilight view!


Gonder Night Life

One of the most popular breath taking views at night in Gonder is at the Fogera Hotel. The hotel has a really nice terrace for customers to view the sunset in the evenings. Customers are able to see the path that leads to the Debre Birhan Selassie Church at nightfall, along with a wonderful lake view. It is definitely a sight to treasure!