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Unique Ethiopian Cuisine

Ethiopian cuisine is full of unique flavor, and distinctive to the culture. Generally, Ethiopian cuisine consists of spicy vegetable and meat dishes. Dishes are usually served as a thick stew, known as wat, served on top of large, flat sourdough bread called injera. Ethiopians rarely use utensils rather use pieces of injera to wrap up the food with their right hand fingers.


Vegan dishes are also popular within Ethiopian cuisine. A rich variety of cooking oils have been created by Ethiopian cooks. Sources for oils include sesame and sunflower. Ethiopian dishes also use nug, which is unique to their culture.


The various ethnic groups in Ethiopia prepare their own version of cultural cuisine. Each will commonly consist of stew, flatbread, and spices. Vegan dishes may also be popular depending on the group. Snacks within the country generally are small pieces of baked bread, known as kollo. Pasta is also available in the city areas.


Ethiopian coffee has strong cultural ties to the community. It is a very large part of their tradition. After each meal, a coffee ceremony takes place. Espresso coffee is traditionally used. Coffee is very critical to the Ethiopian economy and is central to Ethiopian beverages. 


Ethiopian cuisine is generally served on a tabletop, known as a mesob. They are generally made of straw, and also contain a lid. When the food is ready to eat, a hand washing basin is brought nearby. During the eating ceremony, the food is placed within the mesob. 


The culture and cuisine of Ethiopia is full of diversity and uniqueness. It is full of history and character. Tasting the cuisine of Ethiopia brings a new experience to those who are unfamiliar with it. It is varied in flavor across the community.


Ethiopia also produces its own wine. Red wine comes in Dukam and Gouder. Their elegant sweet red wine is known by Axumite. They also produce white wines known as Crystals. The best wine they have to offer is the home-made honey wine, known as Tela.

If you consider touring Ethiopia, it will be a unique experience for you. As a visitor, you will experience wonderful cuisine that can only be found in their area. You will be able to partake of the finest wine in Ethiopia. It will be the experience of a life time, never to be forgotten.