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The most notable exotic feature in many Ethiopian restaurants, is that you may not find normal tables. Instead, there may be low, round wicker tables, called mesabs, surrounded by stools. Also when you walk into an Ethiopian restaurant, you won’t find any silverware on your table. You’ll be essentially eating it with your fingers- rolling it up in flat bread. Of course you will need clean hands and for this reason Most restaurants will provide you with moist towelettes, or a more formal water and towel method.


The easiest way to eat Ethiopian food for the first time is to order a set menu platter to share among everyone at the table. On the platter, you’ll find an assortment of spicy stews called ‘Wat’, chopped vegetables that are similar to collard greens, one boiled egg per person, and sometimes chicken drumsticks. The way to eat this is to scoop the food up with bits of Ethiopian bread! Ethiopian bread called ‘Injera’ is flat, spongy and gray which makes it perfect for scooping. It will typically be found right underneath all the other food, sort of like a giant, flat, edible cloth lining the platter; what you’ll need to do is rip off a small piece, place it over whichever Wat you’d like to eat and scoop it up. Rip, scoop, repeat.